Building Brighter Futures


The Building Brighter Futures Programme is a one–year programme that focuses on the educational theory and evidence-based practice of Key Stage 2 to 3 transition, exemplified in ‘The Bridge’, nationally and internationally recognised dedicated Year 7 Colleges at President Kennedy School, Barr's Hill School and Stoke Park School within The Futures Trust. 

The programme helps school leaders to;

  • Develop a clear vision and model for Key Stage 2 to 3 transition in their own school context
  •  Enhance their understanding and effective use of a range of local and national pupil level data
  •  Lead on learning through assisting the establishment of a clear set of principles centred on T&L, curriculum and assessment at Key Stage 3
  •  Identify priorities for relationship building and partnership with feeder primaries and Key Stage 2 colleagues

Programme Schedule  

The Bridge: Vision and Values

The Bridge: Planning and Structures

The Bridge: Curriculum Design and Principles

The Bridge: Accelerated Progress through Exceptional Transition

The Bridge: Theory to Practice

Cost £175

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