Routes into Teaching - PKTSA

School Direct

School Direct seeks to recruit locally and is divided into School Direct Salaried and School Direct Training.  To train graduates, schools are required to partner an accredited provider, such as a university. Applicants will apply via UCAS and know which school they will be training at from the beginning.  Trainees will learn on the job and will be a member of the teaching team from the outset. If applicants wish to be considered for the School Direct Salaried route, they will need to have been out of education for three or more years.

Trainees will be mentored by experienced staff, observing and gradually take on teaching responsibilities. There is also a strong possibility that trainees will be offered a job at their school afterwards, or within the President Kennedy School Teaching Alliance.

Length: 12 months

Entry requirements: Undergraduate degree of 2:2 or above, grade 4/ C or above in GCSE English or maths.

If an applicant's degree does not link closely to your chosen teaching subject, they may be required to take a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course. 

Funding:  The School Direct Non-Salaried route will pay fees of up to £9,250. Student loans and maintenance grants are available to home students; loans apply also to EU students. Training bursaries and scholarships worth up to £26,000 are available to top graduates, depending on their subject area.

School Direct Salaried is available to graduates with three years' work experience – though some schools will accept less than this. Trainees will be paid in accordance with the Unqualified Teacher Scale.  They will not pay tuition fees, however they may need to pay extra if they hope to gain a PGCE – as well as Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship: The Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship is a school-led Initial Teacher Training (ITT) route that combines paid work with on and off-the-job training, qualifications, and progression. It allows candidates to train to become qualified teachers.  A group of experienced schools and teachers have led the design of this postgraduate teacher training course. This programme offers a combination of classroom teaching, practical learning and a salary.

Apprentices will receive a combination of classroom teaching and 20% of their time is allocated to off-the-job training as they work towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  In addition, apprentices will be required to undertake an End-Point Assessment  (EPA) in the final term to ensure they are on track to be an effective Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)

This course will follow the same pathway as School Direct and will be a suitable route for those already employed in education and with the correct entry requirements to progress into teaching.