The Inclusive Classroom


This one-year cross-phase programme focuses on the implementation of strategies to support SEND learners within the fully-inclusive classroom.  Facilitated by expert practitioners from across the President Kennedy Teaching School Alliance, the programme aims to provide school leaders with evidence-based practical approaches to improving the curriculum provision and learning experience for those students with a diverse range of educational needs such as autism and anxiety, dyslexia, literacy difficulties, ADHD and EAL, within both the primary and secondary classroom.

This programme will help SENCOs, School Leaders and teachers to;

  • Understand in greater depth the challenges faced within the classroom by SEND learners
  • Develop a whole-school approach and language for learning to support the provision of the fully-inclusive classroom
  • Improve educational outcomes for SEND learners resulting in a narrowing of performance gaps

Programme Schedule 

Positive Play: Supporting pupils with autism through the promotion of ‘Positive Play’ strategies

Implementing RILUTS: Exploration of the concept of RILUTS to achieve a whole-school approach to ‘The Inclusive Classroom’

Knowing and Understanding Autism: Understanding autism and its impact on learning

EAL in the ‘Inclusive Classroom’: Developing a whole-school approach to the provision for learners with English as an additional language

Cost £175

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