Year 1 Ready - Effective Transition from EYFS


Working with colleagues from a range of primary settings to develop a 'Year 1 Ready' transition programme that explores the theory and evidence base supporting effective transition, teaching and learning strategies, assessment for learning and the learning environment.

This programme helps school leaders and practitioners to;

  • Reflect on their schools' current strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore the gap between the EYFS outcomes and the Year 1 Framework
  • Develop an assessment programme that will ensure greater continuity between the two phases

Programme Schedule 

Flexible and responsive session facilitation and content will ensure consistent relevance and revisiting of programme aims and outcomes.

Where are we now? A collaborative analysis of existing practice

Identifying the gaps: An examination EYFS outcomes

Closing the gaps:  A practical approach to reducing inequality

Theory into practice: Practical strategies and support in the development of the Year 1 Ready Programme

Achieving impact: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the transition programme

Cost £75

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