Primary Language Conference 2020

PKTSA are pleased to announce a one-day conference on Primary MFL delivered by SSAT Lead Practitioner Anneliese Yafai, whose article 'Language teaching in a primary setting - a different focus' is featured in the SSAT Journal 16 from the SSAT Conference 2019.

'...we have done a lot of work as a department on what a ‘lead language learner’ would look like inside and outside our classrooms ... But what would a lead language learner look like at the beginning of their journey? What would be their journey from year 3 rather than year 7? '

The conference will take place at President Kennedy School on 12th March 2020 and is due to include:

  • creating a bespoke curriculum map for your school
  • subject intent and delivery
  • creating an assessment plan
  • getting your school 'Deep Dive' ready

There will be free resources to take away and the option for two drop-in sessions to your school by our SSAT Lead Practitioner as an add-on to follow up from the conference. 

Cost: £99 with a 50% discount available to Alliance schools.

Lunch will be provided.

'In an effort to ensure students could successfully work with the programme of study and, more importantly, teachers felt they could achieve these expectations, language learning needed to change ... I set about designing a course that offered a structured support system for primary school teachers ... I sought to find ways to empower primary teachers, considering two teaching approaches, pioneered by Rachel Hawkes, and Gianfranco Conti and Steve Smith, along the way.'

SSAT members can read the full article by clicking here. Or you can read a PDF version using the attachment below.

For more information and to register your interest in the event please email:

If you would like more information on the course mentioned in the article please click here.