National Award for SEN Co-Ordination (NASENCO)

The National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) is a statutory requirement for all SENCOs appointed new to the role (in a mainstream school or academy), and an excellent opportunity for professional development for current and aspiring SENCOs.

The programme will provide the opportunity for participants to reflect upon and improve their practice whilst learning more about the coordination of special educational needs, policy and supporting the individual needs of children and young people.

What are the benefits?

This programme will improve your awareness and understanding of professional practice, signpost/provide access to relevant research and help you develop supportive learning networks. It is work-based, flexible and practical and will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to increase the participation of learners with SEN and/or disabilities within your particular educational setting.

Working at Master's level, alongside others who share your passion for SEN and Inclusion, will sharpen your analytical and evaluative skills and deepen your knowledge of your specific specialist areas. In addition, the achievement of the award can contribute to higher levels of self-esteem and open up career progression opportunities. 

Participants will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills across the 10 key themes

  • The statutory and regulatory context for SEN and disability equality and the implications for practice in their school or work setting
  • The principles and practice of leadership in different contexts
  • How SEN and disabilities affect pupils’ participation and learning
  • Strategies for improving outcomes for pupils with SEN and/or disabilities
  • Working strategically with senior colleagues and governors
  • Leading, developing  and, where necessary, challenging  senior leaders, colleagues and governors
  • Critically evaluating evidence about learning, teaching and assessment in relation to pupils with SEN to inform practice
  • Drawing on external sources of support and expertise
  • Developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating relevant systems
  • Personal and Professional Qualities

What does it cost?

The National Award for SEN Coordination costs £1,980 +VAT. 

How to Apply

To apply for NASENCO click here. Don't forget to add FUTURES TEACHING ALLIANCE as Regional Delivery Partner when prompted.

Apply by 15th July to secure a limited place.